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Candi Borobudur Who does not know? This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies in the complex. Millions of people desire to visit the buildings in the World Wonder Heritages. Not surprisingly, since architectural and functional, as a place of worship, Borobudur is attractive.

Borobudur was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of the ancient Mataram Kingdom, Sailendra offspring. Based on Kayumwungan inscription, an Indonesian name Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur is a place of worship which was completed May 26, 824, nearly one hundred years since the first days was built. The name of Borobudur, according to some people means a mountain with terraces (budhara), while the other says that Borobudur means monastery on the high places.

Borobudur-shaped building consists of 10 levels ‘punden berundak”. 42 meter height before they renovated and 34.5 meters after the renovation because the lowest level was used as a drag. Six lowest level and square in the upper three floors and a circular highest level of Buddhist stupa directed to the west. Each level represents the stage of human life. In line with of Buddha Mahayana, anyone who wants the level of the Buddha must go through to reach each of these life stages.

The base of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, symbolizes the man still bound by lust. Four levels above Rupadhatu represents people who have set themselves free from lust, but still tied to appearance and shape. At these levels, a statue of Buddha placed in the open space. Meanwhile, three levels above where the Buddhist stupa placed in the eye called Arupadhatu, symbolizes the man who is freed from lust, appearance, and shape. The upper part is Arupa symbolizes nirvana, where Buddha lives.

Each terrace has beautiful relief panels show how agile. Relief that is read by consistently as you walk clockwise direction (towards the left of the entrance of the temple). The relief panels tell the legendary story of the Ramayana. In addition, there are relief panels describing the state of society at that time. For example, reducing the activity of the farmers resulting from the progress of the farming system and reduce the sailing time to the advance of the cruise was centered in Bergotta (Semarang).

All relief panels in Borobudur temple reflect the teachings of the Buddha. Hence this temple serves as feeding the media for people who want to learn Buddhism. YogYES invites you to walk through each narrow passage in Borobudur to the philosophy of Buddhism to understand. Atisha, a Buddhist from India in the 10th century was a visit to the temple that was built 3 centuries before Angkor Wat in Cambodia and 4 centuries before the Grand Cathedrals in Europe.

With all the beauty and mystery, it is natural that many people from all enter the world penjru Borobudur as a place to visit in his life. Besides enjoying the temple, you can walk around to the villages around Borobudur, Karanganyar Wanurejo like to see people and craft. You can also go to the top Watu Kendil the panoramic view from the top of Borobudur. Wait what? Do not worry about earthquake May 27, 2006, because of Borobudur is not affected.


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terakhir kami ke Borobudur Juli 2009, banyak patung2 yang sudah tidak utuh lagi, butuh kesadaran dari kita semua untuk menjaga dan melestarikan peninggalan bersejarah kita

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