Thursday, September 24, 2009


Paris is heaven for those who die) (love to shop live. There are many possibilities, and it is worth every penny to look past the bag. You will find various shops and small boutiques to large shopping malls and galleries. If you are a business traveler or a vacation trip to Paris, shopping in Paris is always on the cards.

Now the important question of what to buy in Paris. You can change many things, but here are some of the things worth buying:

Buying antiques is a pleasure and an art in Paris. You will find many dealers around the Boulevard St. Germain, and also found in the Rue du Faubourg. However, a number of things into account when needed special permission before buying an antique, costs more than 1 million euros, or about 100 years old. For the purposes of buying antiques investments are a better choice. In Paris there are many shops where you can a good company, do some searching before you buy what you need to do a good crowd.

What is there to say about the fashion in Paris. Want to buy has all the big names, and you can have as much as possible. Champs Elysees is the place for all the designer shops and some shops that may right for you. There are also many shops with everything you need to have, and all the fashionable clothes and accessories that your mood and personality and continue to increase.

This is one of the best things to buy someone a gift. We recommend the fragrance here. For this perfume to buy you love, you just have to be from your hotel easily accessible, such as smells and even the obligation to provide - free of perfumes, which are delivered to the airport on the day of your departure.

This is what we give to our friends and all in general. The small Eiffel Tower is a very famous with the souvenir T-shirts that you can easily find in many areas of Paris. If you want the very special for a number of shops in the market and the shop where you can enjoy shopping.

Food and Drink
It's best of the wines and take home various substances such as milk curd, cheese and others. If you are a regular visitor here, then try something from my hands in the league is very refreshing. Paris has many things in food that you buy and you can all very important quality.

So now you have some ideas of what we have to buy one of the finest and most attractive cities in the world. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy visiting historical sites, museums and galleries, and take back the memories that are cherished in the course of your life.


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