Monday, September 7, 2009


This is not praise, but the facts, Bunaken (a mainstay of the attractions of North Sulawesi) is now better than a few months ago for the WOC-CTI-top. The recognition of the tourists who just visited Bunaken (especially the sea-park), in general they are happy, because the joy of travel when they felt when visiting the tourist attraction on the island overlooking the city of Manado provincial capital of North Sulawesi.

Bunaken added nicely now, so the spoken word piece by them when dipelabuhan Manado tour, completing a journey of Bunaken. Several facilities it had complained to Bunaken disappointed about the situation in the visited about one years ago, now it is resolved, such as housing problems and the means to rest, culinary, cendramata, diving equipment and sea transportation advice, much better than when their previous visit.

The rent of the vessel (capacity 50 people) are also regarded as not too different from far, their first chartered cruise Rp 700,000 to leave home, plus a look at the beauty of Bunaken marine park on board with a glass of water facilities installed in ship body.

Now they have offered up to USD 800,000 USD 750,000. with the lease from 07.00 to 16.000. As for port facilities under their boat landings feel better, they must first descend into the sea when the water disappeared fit again, but now, despite their low tide not to wet her feet in the sea.

I used garbage complaints, now resolved, but there are also found in a plastic trash in teraliri Bunaken area, because the natural flow of the sea.

Manado own sightseeing tour of the port is equipped with facilities of comfort and safety, every day there are officers who maintain dipelabuhan to protect the tourists, there are several points of departure ports, but the busy port, which lies behind the marina and the port behind the Plaza Hotel Manado Sulawesi.
Beritamanado watchlist Berdasarakan result, the number of tourists Bunaken continues to grow, especially on holidays. The average in the two ports each day more than 30 ships to Bunaken with an average of 25 passengers. Tourists visiting most local tourists, both North Sulawesi own citizens and foreign visitors to the area on holiday or special date is still a chance there is activity in Manado task.

Mostly local tourists visited the day, while foreign tourists to a few days, with a dive tour agenda, most of them loved to dive at night, but also local tourists to do the same with foreign tourists last resort.


Anonymous said...

wah... nak cantiknya....

Mich" said...

andai aja indonesia itu orangnya gak kacau..
bisa jadi negara bagus kali nih negara..

InnO said...

Enaknya kalau bisa ke Bunaken..
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Zein Okeh said...

skg temrumbu karang di indonesia semakin berkurang dan hancur karena nelayan" yg tdk bertanggung jwb mendapatkan ikannya dgn cara di bom...
aku dah follow.. tuh..

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