Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Go to Manado is an experience that can fascinate. A view cool and green.

Not surprisingly, the upcoming 2010, Manado on the target becomes the world's tourist town. Beautiful scenery, culinary diversity of this region is a favorite tourist attractions many people. Not complete it comes to a city if it does not perform culinary tour.

Sulawesi communities known to like seafood make this type of food spread in the city of Manado, there is a place to eat seafood that tastes very, very tempting of marine tourism restaurants located near the sea with a beautiful panorama with beautiful lights that decorate the night in the city. Make sure you visit this restaurant when visiting Manado

Go to a place not complete it if not buy souvenirs. Maybe this Tomohon Market is the only place people look for a souvenir when visiting Manado

In this place on the 44th provided the North Sualwesi superior products that can be taken as souvenirs include: the processing of nutmeg jam, syrup, lunkhead, peanut candy and nutmeg, various preparations of sago flour such as cake bagea & banquet.

There is also a rocking beans, nuts tore, halua walnuts, klaper koek, lunkhead walnuts, tuna abon fufu, abon roa fish, cassava chips, taro chips, various kinds of bread and donuts and pia. In addition, there are also t-shirts, hats, clothing and filigree and barong


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